48: "Downpour"

Getting down to the wire here and need to finish films fast while keeping SOME kind of thread.  I went back to my list of true experiments and tests and picked out this "scratch film".  I remembered I had done rain before in another film using scratches from a dirty film texture I had. But being that that was a ready-made live action clip of film scratches, I couldn't control the scratches themselves.

So I took a thin fabric marker that had run out of ink made scratches on blank pieces of paper.


When scanned, it just looked like a blank white sheet of paper with barely noticable marks:

So I added a Threshold filter, which basically crushes all colors into pure blacks and whites and ramped up the black Levels:

I did about 50 pages worth of scratches in various shapes to look like sheets of rain, ripples, drips and drops, etc:

This is good for a first test.  It's a great, easy and fast way to create analog rain or moving scratch textures without CGI.  If I ever expanded on this technique, I'd want to try a more painterly approach to the coloring as opposed to tinting it overall with one or two colors.

Here are some finished stills from the film:

Thanks for reading!