21: "Dreams I Don't Remember"

I never remember my dreams.  Ever.  There are a few recurring ones like that one where I go back to the same small house and I have to walk around hunched over and a fight always breaks out in the backyard but everyone is still chill because pizza was just delivered.  They didn't have regular toppings though, so they put gummy mushrooms on top.  Gummy mushrooms.  Mmmmmm...

Anyway...since I'm told that I definitely dream every night multiple times, but never remember them, I've decided to keep a scrapbook of the dreams I don't remember.  That means, I can completely make up these bizarre situations and claim them as dreams that I've had but that never stuck with me.  I've been kicking around the idea of making a haphazard film of very random and completely unrelated images but never had the conceptual thread until now.  So there may be more of these types of films.

It's also a really great excuse to experiment with editing, specifically the cadence in which the juicy sections are delivered.  The space in between sections became important for this one.  That static/synapse thing.  Typically, I'd want to fill the entire film with as much cool stuff as possible but I've been wanting to experiment with dead air.  Cinematic negative space.  Long portions of "padding".  It turned out to be a really important device in this film.  It makes sense, too, because animation relies on anticipation as a key device and those buffers added some respite as well as anticipation.  Otherwise, it would have been an annoying stream of intensity.  A tour-de-force in the worst kind of way.  Dreams don't roll like that.  They come in fragments.  Like playing peek-a-boo with your subconscious.


It was really freeing to not have to stick to a script or outline or anything here.  Literally had a blank stack of paper and let it all flow.  I didn't think.  I just drew things.  Some made it into the film.  Some didn't:

I have a cool art book called "STREET SKETCH BOOK" that had lots of really great inspiration:

One regret: I wish had time to walk away from this film and come back fresh to do a final polish.  I literally finished this film 14 minutes before it had to go up.  In hindsight, little things are bothering me to the point where I can't just chalk it up to "not fussing with it".  A few things needed a little fuss.  Oh well.  Next time.

Thanks for reading!