20: "Dicks"

I can't write an intro better than this.  George Carlin from one of his HBO specials about "dick fear".

We see this shit all...the...time.  Somebody's fucking with your power position?  Drop a giant dick on them!  There is no better display of this cock-strutting arrogance as when the good ol' U.S. of A. televised the "shock and awe" campaign on Baghdad in 2003.  Git yer popcorn, sit back and feel the dominance coursing through your veins!

You can probably bet your entire life savings that this will ultimately be our demise.  Sounds morbid?  Think about it!  If this constant show of force has to continue in order to keep things at bay, we're literally gonna blow our own selves to smithereens.  And the bigger their dick gets, the bigger our dick has to get.  Bigger bombs, bigger missiles, bigger fuckin' bullets baby!


One last thought:

According to the United Nations, it is estimated that $30 billion a year is what it would take to end world hunger.  $30 billion a year.  The United States alone spends close to $600 billion a year. On defense.


Some stills from the film: