46: "Nuclear Family"

We've all seen footage of the U.S. nuclear tests from the 1950s, where fully constructed houses implode and explode in slow motion, getting blown apart by what seems like a force stronger than the finger of God.  Or footage of trees bending at 90 degree angles as they are pummeled by dust and heat.

Those houses and trees were part of full-fledged, pretend towns built around the bomb's ground zero.  Those towns, known as Doomsday Towns, were filled with mannequins, fake dogs, trucks, trains, even a fake forest! Here are some strange and eerie pics of the Nevada Doomsday Town:

J.C. Penney "donated" scores of mannequins to the project.  What really interested me about this was that after the nuclear test was said and done, JC Penney asked for their mannequins back. Ha!  Are you fuckin' kidding me??  I'll say it again...


Now, I know very little about nuclear bombs.  But I do know, from what I've seen, a nuclear bomb pretty much destroys everything in it's way.  I'm all for being shrewd when it comes to business but...I mean...c'mon.  You gotta know that if you're giving away an item as a prop for a nuclear test, it's probably not going to be returned to you.  At least not in the same shape it was donated in.

So, I decided I'd make a little scrapbook to show JC Penney what happened while their nuclear families were on vacation in Nevada.

P.S. I stole all of this footage and the music so don't expect to see a theatrical release of this picture ;)

Here are some finished stills from the film: