27: "Kontrol"

I really hate commenting on politics.  Especially, specific people.  I believe certain people become icons and we focus so much on the icon itself that the problem is still ferociously thriving on it's own flames, like the sun.  But in this case, I thought it was the best solution to say what I wanted to say.  I'd love to get back to making scribbly balls find their way through a maze.  But certain things, you just can't stand by and watch and not call it out for what it is.

That said, I think I'm just going to let the film free-speech for itself.


There's going to be at least another month of speed filmmaking.  I only had a day for this and had a completely different film tossing around in my head when all of this disgusting nonsense started happening on Saturday.  It's a dirty and sloppy film.  But I kind of like it that way.  Audio could use some work.  Would love to get back to walking away and seeing (and hearing)  it again with fresh eyes (and ears) a few days later.  Sooooon.

Lots of rotoscoping was done for this film.  Literally tracing over live-action footage.  I printed out some selected frames from a conductor at Carnegie Hall.  About a 130 total.  Obviously, I had to embellish here.  KKK guys aren't this graceful.  I added the hood and robe as I went along.  Sort of winging it.  Then, finally, mastering it when I only had 3 more left.  Certainly one of God's jokes.

Anyway, I did all of the rotoscoping in about 90 minutes...leading up to that point was about 3-4 hours of just figuring out what the fuck I was gonna do:

Trump heads were animated separately in a straight-ahead fashion:

If anyone reading this knows someone who plays the banjo and wants to re-record a better version of Dixieland with me, please let me know.  This YouTube banjo player, who has no idea I stole their shit, is a really good banjo player.  As for the sound quality, not so much.