I intend to do a lot of shooting for these films so I made a very basic setup for shooting in our home office. My "animation stand" is a sturdy wooden folding table.  I've got two clamp lights on dimmers and a piece of duvetyne to block out any unwanted light from outside.


I got the best cheap camera I could find to shoot with.  It's a Samsung NX3000 Mirrorless digital camera that came with two pretty basic zoom lenses.  I'm sure a real photographer would classify it as a piece-of-shit but for my purposes it's perfect. The images are better than my phone or scanner would ever capture.

I also have this nifty tripod that allows me to angle the central column so I can shoot parallel to the animation stand.  I've also got a separate mount in case I decide to shoot with my phone instead of the camera.


These are some of the tools and supplies I work with.  I conveniently live two blocks from an art college and there's a good Art Supply store there and a discount store across the street.  Discount store items are good for experimental films because if you fuck up, at least it didn't cost an arm and a leg.