Make one short experimental animation film each week for 52 weeks.  Film lengths cannot exceed 60 seconds.


  • To be prolific in creating short term/short form animation projects in lieu of a long term/longer form endeavor.
  • To make films that have a "big a-ha", requiring commentary & technique to work in concert.
  • To utilize rarely used techniques or create new techniques to tell animated stories.
  • To use analog animation techniques whenever possible (and reasonable).
  • To reframe the idea of experimental animation and redefine it as "fine art animation" or "animation as fine art".
  • To reach audiences outside of the United States, and hopefully within.
  • To be consistently immersed in creative projects outside of commercial work-for-hire projects.


Ideally speaking...

  • Enthusiasts, fans, buffs and creators of all areas of the film, fine art and other creative worlds.
  • Those interested in social critique and commentary.
  • Those in countries with rich histories in animation.  Such as Canada, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S.
  • Those interested in gallery shows, fine art curations and the history of art.


I'm pretty much gonna run the the gamut.  I do envision a good amount of analog items being used. That means, shooting real things and animating them later on; or animating objects and drawings in more of a traditional or stop motion way.  I wish I could foresee exactly what I will use in every film.  Very few things are off limits.  CGI is OK but only as a last ditch or if no other techniques make more sense to use.  It's almost always paramount to make sure the technique & visualization is the "ying" to the concept's "yang".